At the young age of just 14 years old, Arvin Kocharian began his journey into the fine arts, in photography. In 2001, Kocharian began to further his talents by studying graphic design at the prestigious, Yerevan Academy of Arts in Armenia. Following his education, Kocharian began to merge his graphic design skills with his distinctive staged photography. His style was to stage and capture not only the emotional moods of life but the underlying tone of mystic intellect. He named his new collection, Mysticus.


In 2005, Kocharian started his own production company, Arvin Kocharian Productions. With graphic design and photography under his belt, Kocharian began to specialize in advertising. Kocharian’s collaborations with major brands, and well-known professionals in the music and media industries, has to lead him to become one of the most sought out professionals in the industry.

Mysticus is not only a fine arts photography collection, but it has paved its own path to becoming a brand. The Mysticus collection has since been featured in numerous exhibitions not only in Armenia but in Europe and the United States of America.

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