Arvin Kocharian is a Yerevan-based Artist specializing in graphic design & photography. Over the years Arvin has made a healthy history of working with major brands and businesses. Arvin Kocharian has also been involved in working with Big names in the Armenian and international music industry and the media.


Arvin Kocharian’s fine art photography project which is called “MYSTICUS™” has held exhibitions in its local Armenia and in Europe and United States of America.

MYSTICUS™ is a fine art photographic approach, capturing the mystic, melancholic and emotional angles of the human spirit.


Now Available On: iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora & Deezer


Vocals: Arvin Kocharian & Armen Shaverdian
Lyrics: Arvin Kocharian, Armen Shaverdian
Arrangement, Mix & Mastering: Guitar Clinic Studio

Producer: Arvin Kocharian

Label: Arvin Kocharian Productions

​Cover artwork from Mysticus Collection (Pale queen rising, 2016)

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